Jim Devlin and the Perfect Food – Part 2

This article is the second part about Jim Devlin and the benefits of the substance that is referred to by him as the ‘perfect food’. If you haven’t read the previous article, you can find it here: Part – 1.

Apparently, the former priest doesn’t only like the honeybees pollen but he also happened to admire the bees themselves. Devlin claims that the bees already became the perfect vegetarians at a certain point in their long history. He admires the honeybees’ team work and eating habits and believes that one of their natural products is actually the apex of all bee products – the fact that it’s nutritious, can give you an energy boost and provide you with many of other advantages may very well account for Jim’s theory. Another quote that Jim Devlin liked to use when talking about this material was: “The only thing superior is mother’s milk”.

In case you don’t know much about the honeybee pollen, Jim also enjoys to talk about how this ingredient is created. The diligent worker bees gather the male seeds from flowers and plants, mix it with nectar and store it on their bodies until they come back to the hive (where a pollen trap is going to wait for them, if the beekeeper wants to collect this organic substance).

Honeybee Pollen and the New You by Jim DevlinOne of this product’s benefits that the former priest tends to mention is that it can be used to help a person fight seasonal allergies. By using that substance properly, taking it in small amounts on a daily basis, Jim says that it can improve the body’s ability to deal with allergies and hay fever. However, it is very important to mention that some people may have an allergic reaction to the said compound, and it is therefore necessary for you to consult a doctor before deciding to take any supplement, tablet or product that contains pollen. This is despite the fact that such cases are, in fact, very rare, but people that are already known to have a history of allergies or are allergic to bees may have the highest risk.

Other advantages that are mentioned by Jim Devlin are improved skin quality, the improvement of the immune system, the possibility of helping a person to lose weight in case he is exercising or dieting and giving a person an energy boost and vitality. In addition, the former priest also sees this honeybees product as a very nutritious natural food and he once even consumed large quantities of this compound for a long time, and according to Jim, during that time he lost about 40 pounds and reduced his waist size to 32 from 40.

Apparently, one more of the many benefits of that organic ingredient is that it doesn’t cause a person to be depressed like some of the other dietary supplements. Devlin said that he felt great after his natural diet, and claimed that he didn’t feel any of the usual traumas that may be the byproduct of other diets. Jim also believes that this honeybee products diet helped his body losing great amounts of toxic waste, and the former priest couldn’t hide his content from the way he looked – according to his words he looks 10 years younger.

As mentioned in the previous article about Devlin, most of the data here is taken from a daily newspaper in Owosso, Michigan which is called the Argus-Press (the name derives from the two previous newspapers: the Press-American and the Evening Argus).

Other than Devlin we are able to find many other experts, scientists and doctors that are showing a lot of interest in the benefits of honeybees compounds. With the rising trend of natural products, vitamin supplements, healthy herbs and etc, there are a lot of studies that are still being conducted about known substances, and materials that were discovered only in recent years. Therefore, we need to read the news in the medical world, as well as news about food, health, lifestyle and more in order to make sure that we’re doing everything we can in order to improve our quality of life. So, look for the required information yourself or talk to your physician prior to buying honeybee supplements or any other organic product. Of course, one should also search for additional info about the ingredient that is mentioned here and it’s possible side effects, that can be found in almost any medicine, diet pills, medical treatment and etc.