Herb Pharm Propolis Echinacea Throat Spray

Before we’re going to focus on the Herb Pharm propolis echinacea throat spray that could be used as a remedy for sore throat, let’s share some details that might be important regarding this resinous honeybees substance.

The honey bees collect propolis from various botanical sources, like sap flows, tree buds and etc. It’s often used by the bee to seal unwanted entrances to the hive, but the ingredient is also believed to have other purposes as well. Other than improving the stability of the hive itself, it may actually prevent different parasites and diseases from entering the beehive in the first place. This could be another example which corroborates the belief that the said compound has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Who Shouldn’t Use This Product

As you can understand from its name, this sprayer does contain propolis (in addition to a number of other interesting compounds) – so it’s important to mention that if you happened to have allergies to bees, insects, flowers or other natural ingredients it would be necessary to consult with a physician before you decide to use any product that contains this substance.

Herb Pharm Propolis Echinacea Throat SprayMoreover, it’s not recommended to give this product to children under three years without the advice of a professional doctor. In addition, in case you have a severe sore throat that also includes headache, high fever and nausea it’s advised to see a physician and not to rely solely on that sprayer (that is, obviously, not supposed to treat high fever, nausea and etc).

Some experts recommend taking this natural honeybees compound in order to deal with a sore throat. However, it could be hard to apply this resinous substance (if it’s not combined with other ingredients, like sugar, or like the echinacea spray that we can see here) since it usually burns a bit and has an extremely bitter taste – so it can be very uncomfortable to do so (but quite helpful for reliving the sore throat).

On the other hand, products that do contain the said compound will often not burn or have a bitter taste like raw form of the honeybee ingredient mentioned before. We can find a wide range of bees products that are created especially for a sore throat like lozenges, capsules, sprays, propolis eye drops and etc. One of these products is the Herb Pharm spray.

In case you happened to have a sore throat, it’s possible to use this sprayer several times a day. You’ll need to shake it before usage, then simply spraying two to three times to the throat and swallowing. You would probably feel its effectiveness after a day or two of persistent usage.

Additionally, this sprayer is also not extremely expensive, costing around 10 dollars for 1 Ounces spray – and it doesn’t require doctor’s prescription.

You should be careful not to apply this spray into the eyes, and additionally make sure that little children are not able to put their hands on this product.

The Sprayer’s Ingredients

Other ingredients that this particular spray contains are: sage leaf, hyssop leaf & flower, Echinacea root and St. John’s wort. It’s also necessary to mention that the herbs are never irradiated or fumigated. It does contain vegetable glycerine, distilled water, grain alcohol and herb extractives.

Furthermore, the herbs that were used to create the Herb Pharm throat spray are certified Organically Grown, are fresh & succulent and were harvested in their natural wild habitat.