What are the Medical Uses of Bee Propolis?

As you may understand from the title, this article isn’t going to present general information about the natural bees product that is called propolis or deal with the benefits of this compound. This article is simply going to outline some of the medical uses of this natural resinous substance that is collected by the honeybees.

It’s necessary to mention that this particular honeybee substance is more unique than other natural remedies and products (like organic bees pollen for example) because of the fact that you can never know the exact composition of propolis. There are a couple of reasons that account for this fact – but the main explanation is that the its composition depends on the sources that it’s gathered from (and there is a wide variety of resources that the bees use in order to create that interesting ingredient).

Therefore, a beehive that is located in the northern regions will generate propolis that is going to be totally different for the one that would be created in a tropical area, for example. In addition, the composition of this natural bee product also varies from season to season, meaning that such a compound that was created in the winter in a specific beehive may very well be different from the one that was generated in the summer, in the same hive. There is much more to be said about the subject but we’re going to leave it for another time.

Despite the fact that there are many effects associated with this organic substance, many of its benefits are based upon preliminary studies. This natural honeybees product is believed to have a positive effect on the well being of the heart, and thus, it’s often recommended by specialists as a treatment for cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems, blood diseases and etc.

Moreover, the consumption of this substance is also believed to have a strengthening effect over the immune system and in some cases it can even reduce the chances of contracting cataracts. Other than these unwanted diseases, it’s not uncommon to hear about this honeybee product that was used in order to treat burns, wounds, scalds and other superficial problems. If that’s not enough, this compound can also be used for the treatment of various digestive diseases and problems (like infections and ulcers), reduce the chances of having liver diseases and etc.

Some beekeepers even advise to take a piece of this material and place it inside the mouth in case you happened to have a sore throat (today, many natural and artificial products that are supposed to relieve and remedy a sore throat actually contain honeybees propolis in different concentrations). Furthermore, it may sound strange to some of you, but because of the antimicrobial properties of the this ingredient some studies suggest that it can be used for dental purposes as well, like protecting against tooth decay and other oral diseases.

In fact, those are only some of the its many benefits that are known to us. However, this interesting bees compound may carry side effects in certain people (those are usually rare) so it can might be smart to consult a doctor before you decide to get this natural bee product.

People really shouldn’t put their trust in a specific medicine, pill or treatment – at least without consulting with a professional doctor first. While the benefits of the said matter may be good in general, one shouldn’t count on a natural product for solving all of his health problems, such a magical pill simply doesn’t exist in our world. But what you can do is improve the quality of life. Furthermore, drink a lot of water instead of sugary juices, eat healthier, exercise regularly, avoid smoking and too much alcohol and you would probably reduce the risk of having to deal with various heart diseases, cancer issues and other unfortunate problems that neither of us want to hear about. Doing these steps and many other that are recommended by experts would greatly improve the quality of life, and maybe even won’t require you to look after nutritious ingredients like fish oil and etc.