Herb Pharm Propolis Echinacea Throat Spray

Another interesting product that contains this resinous honeybees substance is the Herb Pharm throat spray. This specific product is a liquid herbal extract that is supposed to help you deal with a sore throat. Among the many herbs and ingredients that you can find in this product are Echinacea, hyssop leaf & flower, St. John’s Wort and other natural compounds/herbs. In this article it’s also possible to find information about who shouldn’t use this spray of Herb Pharm in addition to other useful data.

Iden Bee Propolis Fortifying and Hydrating Shampoo 32 fl oz

In case you want to buy a shampoo for dry or damaged hair you may want to consider getting the interesting Iden shampoo. Despite the fact that this particular shampoo (that is based on the known resinous honeybee material mentioned in the header) isn’t extremely popular and famous, it’s still a product that contains a variety of natural and nourishing ingredients that are supposed to have positive effects over your hair. Among the many materials that you are able to identify in the product are olive fruit oil, propolis bees extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein and other natural substances.

What are the Medical Uses of Bee Propolis?

Are there any medical uses that can be attributed to this resinous honeybee substance? In this short article you can find the answer to this question and you may very well guess what the answer is by simply reading the title. In addition, if you already read other documents and articles about the benefits of this compound, it’s quite possible that the info presented here will not surprise you in case you have some basic knowledge about the said bees ingredient.

General Information About Bees Propolis

What exactly is this resinous bees product? In this article you can find general info about this compound, like in what forms does it come in, what are some of its uses and other data that one should know about it. However, this isn’t going to be a thorough document about its benefits, uses, side effects and etc. – just a short article that is going to focus on the general aspects of this interesting honeybees substance.