Where to Buy Spirulina Powder / Capsules

If I could get a penny every time a person asks ‘where can I buy spirulina powder / capsules’, I’d probably have a lot of money. On this page we’re just going to mention some places which you can purchase this blue green alga.

But before we will focus on this question, it should be noted that it’s your responsibility to speak with your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements that may or may not suit your needs (and there may also be side effects associated with the blue green algae mentioned here, so that’s another thing to consider before consuming this compound).

Generally, various health food stores and even some pharmacies should have at least one type of the blue green alga if not both (capsules form and the powder form). In this case the question above can be addressed to the workers in those stores / pharmacies.

Now Foods, Spirulina 500 mg 100% NaturalAs you may guess, that question can be answered thanks to an automated machine which is extremely popular worldwide – Google. Using this search engine it’s possible to find countless of sites / companies that sell this blue green alga in different forms, but one major internet company could be safely used to purchase vitamin supplements like the algae mentioned here – and Amazon is its name (however, it might not be the case if you’re not living in America, because Amazon doesn’t ship certain products to many countries).

One example for spirulina supplements that can be bought in Amazon are the Now Foods, spirulina 500 mg 100% natural. As you can see in the website, the discounts offered by Amazon make the 500 tablets package of the product affordable for anyone.

In short, it can serve as a good energy booster, in addition to all of its nutritional benefits. And another good point is that it doesn’t have a bad taste or smell like the spirulina powder. One thing that should be mentioned is that you need to remember to drink a lot of water in case you consume this compound.

Start taking the pills / capsules in small amounts and slowly increase it according to what you feel. Obviously, each and every person is different, so while one guy might be fine consuming 1 grams of a particular vitamin, another person could take twice as much from the exact same supplement in order to get the same results.

This should answer the question, but we might also want to get an answer to the next question: where where to buy this alga in a powder form?

Well, the answer to this question isn’t particularly different from the one above, so we’re just going to give you an example for such an Amazon product.

The Now Foods organic spirulina powder might provide you with the various benefits of this natural blue green alga, but it has a major disadvantage – it literally tastes horrible and can be quite hard for some people to consume it in this form (you might not like its smell as well).