Jim Devlin and the Perfect Food – Part 1

This particular article is going to deal with both Jim Devlin and the benefits of a natural honeybee product that’s produced by bees. For more information about this substance as well as other natural ingredients (like the spirulina for example) you can feel free to further explore this website. Jim is a former catholic priest that was actually quite famous in the 80s and the 90s for promoting this honeybees compound as a nutritious natural food. The former priest liked to quote sentences from the bible scripture that support his claim that this natural material is a healthy food.

During a presentation that was made a long time ago at Green Meadows Farm (back in the 80s) Jim said that he believes that the benefits pf the organic product which he promotes are true and that this ingredient is actually nature’s most perfect food. In addition, in the same presentation Devlin used a pollen trap in order to show and explain the process in which this compound is collected by the worker bees all the way until the beekeepers gather it from the trap.

Mr. Bee Pollen himself by Jim DevlinJim is a native of Kilkenny which is a small city in the Republic of Ireland, and this fact didn’t prevent him from traveling all the way from North to Central America in order to promote the use of various honeybees products and supplements. The guy has actually written two books about the bees product that he likes so much: the first book is Mr. Bee Pollen himself – referring to the nickname that was given to Devlin back then. The second book that was written by Jim is Honeybee Pollen and the New You. It’s important to note that both of these books are actually very old and therefore don’t contain all the information that is known about the subject today.

The former priest became so excited about the said substance that he decided to open a line of honeybee products himself, including various supplements, ointments, granules, tablets, shampoo, cleansers and more. Devlin said that among the many advantages of this compound are its healthy nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, a large percent of proteins and more. Moreover, the former priest also stressed that this bees material contains a substance that is called lecithin and according to Jim this substance can help a person burn away fats and can therefore help those who want to lose weight.

It’s necessary to mention that most of the data here is taken from the Argus-Press which is a daily newspaper that is published in Michigan.