Does Spirulina Have FDA Approval?

This is a short article that is going to answer the question whether the blue green algae that’s called spirulina is FDA approved or not.

In the year of 2003 Cyanotech and Earthrise Nutritionals, two large and respected companies, decided to submit a joint request for the FDA and ask for its approval of spirulina. Apparently, the FDA had no questions about how determined Cyanotech and Earthrise are that the blue green algae is generally safe for human consumption. The Food and Drug Administration’s conclusions were that consumers shouldn’t worry about consuming this natural food in a variety of ways or products.

Therefore, the answer to the question is that this algae actually does have the FDA’s approval, and it’s safe for people, manufacturers and companies to use this natural substance as a dietary supplement, nutritional drinks, with snacks like popcorn and a wide range of other foods like pasta or salad.

This compound is cultivated in America by Cyanotech which is already a company that has lots of experience in using microalgae in order to product nutritious natural foods. In addition, the Earthrise Nutritionals which is the second company mentioned above that asked the FDA to get an approval for spirulina that contains a lot of vitamins and healthy nutrients.

So, the bottom line is that it’s safe to eat/buy the said ingredient. The Food and Drug Administration wouldn’t approve any food, drugs, medicine or dietary supplements such as weight loss supplements, if that food or product may risk those who take it, and this organization is respected among doctors, governments and companies all around the world.

One of the US federal executive departments is the Health and Human Services, and the FDA is actually an agency in this particular department. Obviously, FDA is an important regulator that is supposed to supervise and make sure that the food is safe for consumption, including pharmaceutical drugs, medications, a wide range of medical services, tobacco products and even foods or dietary supplements (like weight loss supplements for example) and much more.

For further information about the approval of spirulina or the approval of other medications, foods and other supplements you can check FDA’s website.

It’s necessary to mention that the information in this article about the FDA’s approval and the blue green algae is not a recommendation for you to take or buy it. FDA’s approval only means that it’s generally safe to consume this particular ingredient, but it would be smart for you to consult a physician before doing so. And regardless of what you’re doing, do not consume large amounts of a new food or natural products since you may have an allergic reaction to it or other side effects.

The data is taken from the Business Journals which is the largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers online.