Side Effects of Bee Pollen | An Old Research

Although not many people are aware of the fact that honeybees pollen side effects do in fact occur in certain people (and it’s usually people who are known to be sensitive or allergic to insects). Therefore, it would be smart to consult a doctor before taking any supplements or products that contain honeybee products, particularly if you already have an allergy to bees.

In this article we are going to examine an old research (that was actually done back then in the 70s) about the effects that natural honeybees pollen has over the human body. This particular research revealed some interesting information about the byproducts of this substance, and it should be noted that scientists and researchers knew much less about this compound compared to the data they have today

Most of the people in this research who consumed the said material really had no serious problems except from two unlucky women that took around a teaspoon of organic pollen. These two women that had the unfortunate luck to prove that this bees ingredient can actually carry side effects, had suffered from what appeared to be an allergic reaction to this substance.

The researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin were given to opportunity to further explore the byproducts and benefits of this honeybees product. One of the two women mentioned above was a 31 years old that developed itching and redness around the neck and face less than an hour after taking this compound. The same woman also had a couple of other symptoms that were a reaction to the said material: a swelling in the tongue and the mouth, and later on her neck became stiff and she had problems breathing.

What you read above is an allergic reaction that the poor woman had before receiving medical treatment – although she did manage to overcome it, the researchers agreed that if she didn’t receive immediate medical treatment she would face some serious complications. The case of other woman was quite similar to the allergic reaction of the 31 years old female, so we aren’t going to describe it. However, it is necessary to mention that both of these women had a long history of allergies.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how effective the benefits of this honeybee material are, if you are known to have a history of allergies, or you are a very sensitive person it’s extremely important that you consult a doctor before taking this ingredient due to the possible side effects (this is actually the case with any other natural product or supplement that you may want to take).

On the other hand, many vitamin supplements and even foods may carry byproducts in some people. For example we can take a look at the popular fish oil, yes there are fish oil side effects that may affect certain people, but it’s generally considered to be a pretty safe product (as long as you don’t overreact and take more than your body can absorb) that carry many health benefits, and it is even safe for pregnant women.

However, we are not going to talk about Omega 3 side effects or its advantages here, despite the fact that some of you may be interested in the subject.

In conclusion, if you already have a history of allergies or an allergy to bees, it would be smart to ask your physician about this honeybee substance in order to make sure that you won’t suffer from any of the byproducts described above. The information about the research in this article was taken from the Milwaukee Journal which is a large daily newspaper printed in Wisconsin, USA.

It’s not uncommon to encounter negative effects that affect an individual that consume medicine, supplements, natural products and sometimes even certain foods. In certain cases, it’s necessary to receive appropriate medical treatment in order to prevent further damage being done to the patient. Hence, before anyone decide to consume the bees propolis, vitamin supplements and etc – that person is responsible to either talk to an expert or conduct a research about the product in order to avoid unwanted implications.

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