Is Bee Pollen FDA Approved ?

This short article is going to deal with the subject of honeybee pollen, FDA and its approval or disapproval status by the Food and Drug Administration (which is the FDA). What is not going to be discussed here? Any information or data that are pertaining to the benefits and various positive effects of this organic substance.

Moreover, you will not be able to find here general details about the FDA or the honeybees compound itself (there are actually enough articles on this website and online that can provide you with enough information), the possible side effects of this honeybees product that could be harmful if you happened to have allergies to insects or other bees products.

So, is the said substance FDA approved or disapproved? To answer the question shortly, the FDA does recognize this ingredient to be a food that is generally safe for human consumption (but, as mentioned in the paragraph before, people with allergies should be really careful when dealing with various honeybee products since they could suffer an allergic reaction by consuming a product that contains this organic ingredient). However, this natural substance cannot be marketed as a medicine or drug that is able to heal diseases such as cancer (since there is no conclusive evidence that it can be used with the treatment of cancer for example).

Because of the potential to suffer an allergic reaction after taking this honeybees compound it would be smart to consult a physician, particularly people who are taking medicine or already known to have allergies to bees or insects. In addition, pregnant women and children shouldn’t take supplements or products that contain this natural substance because of the lack of data regarding its effects and side effects.

So, there isn’t really much so say about the approval and/or disapproval of the FDA. Despite the fact that the FDA found the said natural honeybees ingredient to be generally safe for consumption, it would be viable for you to remember that it’s also got the potential to carry side effects. For more information about the subject you can check the Food and Drug Administration’s website.

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